Choosing and Installing Wire Glass Hangers

Choosing and Installing Wire Glass Hangers

Wine lovers and enthusiasts all know that wine tastes better when you drink it using stem glasses. In fact, some even claim that high quality stem glasses actually improve the taste of wine. It is important therefore, that these glasses, which are, more often than not, quite expensive, be taken care of to ensure that one will continue to enjoy the pleasure of drinking wine from a genuine wine glass. The most important way of taking care of stem glasses is with proper storage. This is what wire glass hangers are used for.

Wire glass hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on where it is meant to be installed and how many glass it is intended to hold. For example, there are regular glass hangers made up of parallel stainless steel rods with mounting fixtures. This type of hangers can range from 10 feet to 24 feet long and can fit into small wine glass cabinets. Glasses are placed in a single row and hung upside down by the base, placed on the stainless steel rods. The number of glasses that can be placed in the hanger depends on the base diameter of the glass. This means the smaller the base diameter, the greater the number of wine glasses that can be placed in the hanger. This is perfect for use in any professional bar or at home, since it is a good space saver and safe receptacle for your beloved stem glasses.

For those with bigger cabinets, however, there are wire glass hangers that are arranged to form a rack. In this rack, wine stem glasses are arranged in 2 or 3 rows, and are also placed upside down. Unlike the regular wire glass hanger however, glass racks are designed to fit and be hanged under wall mounted cabinets and other shelving systems. It also comes with durable mounting fixtures for safely holding the rack in place. The wire glass rack can hold up to 18 wine stem glasses, depending again, on the base diameter  rose gold glass frames of the glass. Stylish and space saving, this is the perfect way of showcasing your stem glass collection.

In order to make full use of these wire glass hangers, one must know the proper way of installing it. First of all, the perfect or desired area for the glass hanger or rack should be picked, taking in mind the size of the glasses and the area where it will be placed. Next, find the area where the screws can be placed, called studs. This can be done with the use of stud finders or by tapping the wall where the hanger or rack is to be installed using the butt of a screwdriver. The part of the wall without studs is hollow and will not produce the “thud” sound that you’ll hear when hitting a wall with studs. Next step is to hold the hanger into the desired position and marking where the screws are to be installed using an awl or pencil. Remove the rack first then bore a hole through the marks using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screws to be used in mounting the rack to make sure the screw is threaded into the wall when it is screwed in. Finally, hold up the rack again, making sure the drilled holes are aligned to the screw mounting positions before screwing it in. Make sure the hanger is properly installed by giving it a light tug.

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